We’re committed to ensure transparency and provide comprehensive support to both existing and prospective clients. Let’s address some common inquiries and concerns following our recent merger.

What was the reason behind the merger, and how does it benefit clients?

The merger aims to enhance service offerings, expand the portfolio, and bring more value to clients by leveraging the strengths of both Trinidad & Tobago Mortgage Finance Company (TTMF) and Home Mortgage Bank (HMB).

TTMB, the combined strengths and assets of TTMF and HMB, affords you a broader, more diverse portfolio of residential and commercial mortgages and growth funds secured by investments in real estate, all designed by niche experts whose mandate is to see you succeed.

Where are you located now?

Our main office remains at Albion Court, 61 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain, and now also houses our Loan & Investment team. Our branches at  Arima, Chaguanas, San Fernando and Tobago remain unchanged.

Will there be any changes to my existing mortgage terms due to the merger?

Existing mortgage terms will not be affected by the merger.

Will the merger affect the fees and charges associated with my mortgage?

There will be no change to fees and charges associated with existing mortgages.

Will the merger lead to changes in the staff or points of contact for my account?

There are no changes to personnel or points of contact at present. The merger may bring some internal restructuring, but we are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for clients.

Are there any upcoming changes in pricing or mortgage rates I should be aware of?

TTMB will communicate any changes in pricing or mortgage rates, well in advance, through our official channels.

Can I expect any new services or products from TTMB in the near future?

TTMB is constantly innovating to meet clients’ needs, with new services and products to be announced , through our official channels.

Will the merger impact the processing times for mortgage applications and other services?

We are committed to leveraging the strengths of both entities to streamline our processes and reduce turnaround times for our clients.

How can I contact TTMB if I have more questions?  

For further questions about the merger, please reach out to our dedicated support team. Call us today at 625-8863 or message us at [email protected]

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