Samaan Tree Fund

An Open-end Mutual Fund

About the Fund

Service Characteristics

The Samaan Tree Fund (STF) is an open-end mutual fund with a variable net asset value (NAV) per unit.

Offering a total investment return with safety of capital by investing primarily in a portfolio of residential mortgages. The interest income earned on the portfolio will meet the income distribution of the Fund.

Providing investors with high returns and safety of capital.

Key Features

What to Expect

Competitive Returns

Convenience via optional monthly standing order

Property investment without owning a property

Product Details

Type of Investment
Open Ended – Mutual Fund

Joint Account


Fund Returns
Fund returns are variable with dividends paid quarterly. Please contact Home Mortgage Bank to discuss the Fund’s returns.

Payment Options
Electronic Banking (LINX), Cheques, Salary Deductions, Standing Orders


Dividend Payment Options
a. Reinvested quarterly, or
b. Dividend credited electronically to your bank account quarterly.

Quarterly, Semi Annually, or Annually.

Investment Strategy
Funds invested in a portfolio of prime residential mortgages

Minimum Investment

Notice to Withdraw
Nil. Redemption cheques are prepared immediately upon request. Cheques are payable to the

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