Home is definitely where the heart is. After you purchase a home, what comes next is to furnish its interior to your heart’s (and your budget’s) content.

In this edition, we offer you 5 simple ideas when thinking of sprucing up your home. It might be easy to think that transforming your home with creative ideas will require a lot of work and a lot of money, but the simple ideas in this article will help you achieve the perfect balance in and for your home, that are alluring, timeless and trend-proof.

Make a Statement

Incorporate chic touches and statement pieces everywhere. Your living rooms and bedrooms and even bathrooms can feel bright, shiny and new, with the incorporation of metallic accents and mirrored details. You can create a wow factor with oversized accessories like a big statement mirror or clock.

Image: Statement Mirror (cliqueinc.com)

Pet-Loving Furnishings

Do not think of home as just being for us humans. Open up to pet-focused décor or “barkitecture” as it is sometimes called. Pets are part of the family, so give them something comfortable to lounge in that is also stylish, tailored to fit your space, needs, and budget.

Image: Chaise (bigcommerce.com)

Allluring Couches

We all agree, reupholstering your furniture automatically changes the landscape of your home making it feel brand new. Taking risks with colours and fabrics is the name of the game. Embrace your bold streak. You can try different color pallets and different fabrics for a new look. Also, for better function and form, you can move your furniture around the rooms, finding a new and novel placement. Whether reupholstery or furniture relocation, both can end up being the best way to make the best interior design changes to your home.

Image: Couch (evansofhighwycombe.co.uk)

Functional Studies

The pandemic has taught us a lot about how we need our homes to function. Carve out a dedicated workspace and experiment with wallpaper or colors. You do not need to have unlimited square feet to embrace this treatment.

Image: Home Office (singhhomes.com)

Earthy Touches

If we spend so much time in the great outdoors, isn’t it only fitting that we bring Mother Nature’s influence inside our homes? Take your favorite earth tones and mix them with your favorite patterns. Whether you experiment with prints or add in a few plush textures, the final result will be oh-so-earthy.

Image: Bedroom (pinimg.com)

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